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Website Layout & Design

My client was Wattpad to recreate a new website layout design. I went with the theme of the Victorian style of an author's vintage typewriter, along with some flourish calligraphy.

There was something about old classic literature that got my interest. I use that to fill my mood board layout, but the strongest takeaway from the mood board was the anime series called,
"Violet Evergaurden". It's bout a girl named Violet who was a tool for war until she is given a chance to understand the meaning of the word 'love' by becoming a person to write letters for others to reach their hearts directly. 

One of my personal favorites of making this layout design is the wax seals I used to mark as numbers and to have them be buttons to click on the link on where you want to go on the website. While some of the seals are made, only one is my very own letterpress wax seal in a form of a rose.

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