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Self-Initiating Projects

Horror Artworks

Horror Media.png

Horror Media

This is a mash-up of different horror movies, video games, stories, and anime. Combined with an idea of what the inside of a person's mind is when they feel the psychological pressure breaking down on them.

Junji Ito.png

Junji Ito & Others

Junji Ito is a horror story writer and artist. I combine six of his stories with some other anime horror shows, with a few ideas of my own and one art style of Tim Burton.


Shiki (She-Key) is a title name for the anime and manga horror series that centers around vampires. In the first opening song, I love the animation effect when each character's body is blown away to reveal their skeleton forms.

Horror Poems & a Short Story

This was a quick idea of how to work with my illustrations, I made two poems and a story in the horror, thriller/suspense genres. These illustrations were drawn with art pencils (the perfect brand for artists). The cover of the book is my artwork "Shiki" 


The Dyster Garden

The first poem is about a Dyster, which translates to Dreary in Swedish, I meant it to be another word for Grim to tell a story of a glooming creature wandering in the woods. Louring souls who wander far from home. It was then I found another word to describe grim and that was gloom or dreary.
I choose to use a Swedish word because some of my family's roots came from Sweden.


The parade was inspired by Satoshi Kon's movie "Paprika" parade scenes, I love how bizarre, fun, and disturbing a simple parade can alter a person to lose themselves in the wonders of fun fantasy dreams.

20221102_145406 (2).jpg
Who are you.png


Another inspiration from Satoshi Kon's movie with real-life experience. "Real" is my short story about self-thinking of the world around you versus the world of the internet and social media you put yourself as. Life is difficult, and the changes can be drastic, so much so that you can no longer tell what is real or not. And soon your image of how you present yourself will take over you and your life.

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