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Graphic Designs Interning at IH Concept

Cover Image

Experimental Escapism is the company's theme for 2023's Design Trend.

Spring Illustration

A design for their blog post for Spring.

A mix of real-life embroidery and computer graphic design. The pink background was my original idea while the light blue one is what the company wanted.

A Video of a Name for Myself

As the title says, I made a video about my Designing Skills as part of my portfolio and to have my talents noticed.

Plad is the New Rad - Vintage 70s

The big image is the one the company went for while the other was my original idea. Flannel was very popular in the 70s.

National Pancake Day Logo

Designed the logo for National Pancake Day. I went with the idea of different varieties of pancakes; Swedish, Fluffy/Jiggle, and Homemade.

I even created a character mascot. Panny the Pancake.

Design Trends & Welcoming

Bonus work on Design Trends to be welcoming for everyone.

Vintage 70s Type Size Alter.jpg
Vintage 70s. 4psd.jpg
Spring Illustrations V3.jpg
Pancake Logo V3.jpg
Panni the Pancake Logo V2.jpg
Horizontel Punk Revivel Trends.jpg
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