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Non Profit Branding

My assignment was to create a new design for our non-profit company to spread the word about what they do and how others can help the community. The company I was assigned was Feeding America, I went with a gaming app design as a way to help donate food to the less fortunate people in America. I chose a different approach in design on the foods and bugs, I went with embroidery or needlepoint. Because I figure with every stitch I made is another person helping the community.

The layout of the game is simple, you have to get the food items off the conveyor belts and into the grocery bag before they fall into the garbage cans.

Be sure to not grab any bugs or non-fresh foods from the belt as it will damage the food in the bag, and you will lose a life.

When you complete the leave the conveyor belts will increase the speed. 

With the amount of grocery bags you've made in the game is the same amount of food that will go to families in need.

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