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The Rumbling Poster V9_Kelso.png

Poster Event

In Design & Layout, we were tasked to create a poster for an event. I choose a rock concert poster and the band I picked was SIM (Silence iz Mine) with their hit single "The Rumbling" as the focal point of the concert poster.

The song made its way to #1 in the US hard rock music hits in 2022. With its music video reaching 28. M views on YouTube and has it as an opening song for the hit anime series "Attack on Titan" in the show's final season.

Most of this is done in photoshop, but the proudest thing I like about this poster is the picture behind the band members. It was a mistaken picture I took at my family's cabin, it's the stone walkway patio to the lake.

My second achievement is the red and black gradient triangles in the corners, 
The red is on the top left and the black is on the bottom right. This is a small tribute to the band's music video.

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