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 Kinetic Type

This was an assignment from my Motion Design class to create kinetic type. We were given a choice as to how we wanted our kinetic type to be, a poem, a quote, or lyrics to a song.

I picked lyrics because I had seen music lyrics videos on YouTube, and I wanted to challenge myself.

The song I've chosen is called "Build our Machine" by DAGames. It's a fast, upbeat pace song that would leave the singer breathless if they don't steady their vocal cords.

The song is a tribute to a video game titled "Bendy and the Ink Machine" it's a jump scare survival game, played in first-person point of view in an abandoned animation studio of 1930s cartoons where the owner Joey Drew tries to bring the cartoons to life through dark magic.

The fonts are downloaded from, after searching for fonts that are very much like the ones in the game. Even the font that is on this page is the same as in the game.

  • Caviar Dreams

  • DK Black Bamboo

  • DK Downward Fall

  • HaydonBrush_PERSONAL_USE

  • Soup of Justice

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